Older people sat at tables with laptop computers and mobile devices engaged in lighthearted conversation, with young volunteers in the background.

After over thirteen years of delivering technology workshops across South Yorkshire – both in-person and online – we’ve created a simple system for introductory in-person provision, as well as online modules, so that anyone can learn with us, regardless of their level of confidence or experience using technology.

All of our learning modules adopt a pay-as-you-feel approach. Your donation to the FreeTech Project helps support keeping our workshops free for the community. Please click here to help support us.

A poster with the title Pay I.T. Forward, and the subheader "Learn the basics of technology in our fun and friendly interactive workshops. Share your gained skills with others in your local community!" Also the quotes "(Learnt) much more than I've learnt on any other course I've ever attended" and "Person-centred, non-profit, community based learning!" In addition: "Ask at your local library or community centre or find FreeTech Project online."

Pay I.T. Forward is our in-person learning module, delivered at libraries and community centres for groups looking to get to grips with the internet and technology at beginner level. Topics include understanding different devices and systems, using the web safely and securely, spotting scams, social media, and more. These workshops are highly interactive and designed to be fun, with the aim of enabling a local group to retain and pass on their skills within their community, with optional long-term support from FreeTech Project via Friends of FreeTech Project or one of our three online modules below! You can learn more about Pay I.T. Forward by clicking here.

A digital drawing of a laptop and mobile phone beside a notebook and pen and a cup of tea, with the title Tea & Tech alongside what seems to be a peeling sticker that states "weekly technology support group online."

Tea & Tech enables those with a device connected to WiFi to join our video meetups from the comfort of their own home with a cuppa to hand, and learn more about technology in a fun, friendly, and relaxed environment! In addition to set topics, these workshops include “action learning,” where both facilitators and the group as a whole help solve any tech-related challenges participants may be facing that week! There are three learning levels to choose from: stage one, two, and three, and they all run in order, with no limit to how many times a participants rejoins a stage. Interested? You can find out more about Tea & Tech by clicking here.

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