A montage of various FreeTech Project personnel trying not to laugh while being photographed working.

Despite our achievements over ten years, the FreeTech Project currently remains a relatively small, close-knit group consisting of a Board of Directors, volunteers, and workers. Here are just some of them:

A person with a dark beard and hair with blonde highlights wearing glasses and a headset smiling.
Jay (he/him/they/them), Workshops Coordinator/Facilitator

I’ve been involved with this initiative since its beginning ten years ago, and in that time have become more involved in workshop delivery. I was born and raised in Doncaster and was home-schooled as a child before studying media at university, and going into youth and community work in both the UK, and Canada as a volunteer. I now live in Sheffield and am passionate about the internet being an important source of information that we can utilise outside the influences of the Big Tech companies! My work with the FreeTech Project generally involves structuring a lot of the workshop programmes we run and helping to lead on delivery, as well as working on the Friends of FreeTech Project, and overseeing online content!

A man with long dark hair and beard making a funny face.
Andy (he/him), Workshop Facilitator

I’ve worked and messed about with computers for over thirty years, cutting my teeth on BBC Micros. During that time, I have mended many machines and also broken several more – some beyond repair. But I’ve definitely fixed more than I’ve ruined. I also run a computer building and repair business, specialising in ARM-based computers, such as the Raspberry Pi, often using vintage Operating Systems, and design computer accessories, such as cases and peripheral devices. I’ve also worked in training and education with adults and young people for the past thirty years, both part-time and full-time, covering a range of topics, including technology. In what little time I’ve had left, I have undertaken several courses in IT, ranging from Computer Repairs, to network design, and software proficiency.

A woman with long dark hair looking into a video camera, composing a shot from a rooftop.
Claire (she/her), Multimedia Producer and Workshop Facilitator
(photo credit: Jepoy Sotomayor as part of the Our Broomhall community heritage project)

I have worked as a freelance filmmaker since 2012 working on a variety of projects including charity, corporate, events, weddings, music videos, documentaries and short films. I have experience as a camera operator, editor and director. I have also self-shot and directed feature documentary, Living With Me and My OCD, which has currently over 50,000 views on YouTube. I am the Founder and Managing Director of award-winning social enterprise E.D.E.N. Film Productions. At E.D.E.N. I work as a Project Manager and Lead Facilitator on E.D.E.N.’s projects alongside being the main camera operator and editor on E.D.E.N.’s work where we produce videos for a range of clients. I am passionate about telling stories and involving myself with work that inspires me creatively alongside socially.

A man with fair hair smiling into the camera.
Reuben (he/him), Director

My name is Reuben and I’m Sheffield born and bred! I did an apprenticeship in IT technical support and went onto study Business and ICT at Sheffield Hallam University. It was from here that I got involved with the amazing people at Libre Digital at their IT cafe in the Kelham Island area. I must have done something right because they were kind enough to offer me a job on one of their many teaching programmes and I did this in the summer of 2016. It was with a heavy heart that once those workshops concluded I left Sheffield to complete a graduate program with National Grids IT department. But once again, I must have impressed the right people as I was invited back to sit on the Board of Directors for Libre Digital. I am so happy to have been invited back and still be able to contribute and support such an amazing and vibrant organisation!