A digital drawing of a laptop and mobile phone beside a notebook and pen and a cup of tea, with the title Tea & Tech alongside what seems to be a peeling sticker that states "weekly technology support group online."

Tea & Tech enables those with a device connected to wifi to join our video meetups from the comfort of their own home with a cuppa to hand, and learn more about technology in a fun, friendly, and relaxed environment!

In addition to set topics, these workshops include “action learning,” where both facilitators and the group as a whole help solve any tech-related challenges participants may be facing that week! Our video gives you an idea of what to expect:

There are three learning levels to choose from: stage one, two, and three, and they all run in order, with no limit to how many times a participants rejoins a stage.

Tea & Tech 1.0

Tea & Tech Stage 1

1.1 Video-meets and Devices: Mastering Zoom apps and settings; learning about alternatives to Zoom including free ones; understanding computer parts and associated jargon; choosing the right device for your needs.

1.2 Maintaining Your Device: Keeping your device clean and up-to-date; installing and uninstalling apps; anti-virus and why you don’t necessarily have to pay for it.

1.3. WiFi, mobile data, roaming: Internet Service Providers (ISPs), your WiFi and mobile data; what are mobile hotspots and tethering?

1.4. Files & Folders: Types of files; saving/organising files in folders; managing folders; easily sharing files with others via various methods; all about “the cloud,” what it is, and what it’s used for.

1.5. The Web: Web browsers; “cookies”; useful websites; saving or “bookmarking” your favourite sites; using a search engine to more effectively get the results you want.

1.6. Communications: Social media such as Facebook/Meta and Twitter/X; different methods of messaging; choosing or switching email providers; using the web or a “client” to access your emails.

1.7. Scams: The different types of scams; how to spot a scam.

1.8. Quiz: Test your knowledge gained so far in our non-competitive quiz!

What participants have said:

  • “Fun and engaging!”
  • “Friendly and inclusive.”
  • “A safe space to learn that is fun and practical.”
  • “A friendly environment.”
  • “Great confidence booster.”
  • “Non-threatening, informative, and enjoyable.”
  • “Found the easy-going learning experience helpful.”
  • “Because of the no pressure and relaxed style I have become more open to learning.”
  • “Extremely useful in helping me to overcome my resistance to technology.”
  • “Designed to de-mystify and give you confidence.”
  • “We get to listen to other people’s experiences, share ideas and feel more tech confident.”
  • “A great job of making a sometimes daunting subject interesting and informative in an encouraging and lighthearted way.”
  • “I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel…and I have hope to gain better skills with computers.”

Stage 1 is currently taken over by Techsavers.

Tea & Tech 2.0

Tea & Tech Stage 2

2.1. Browsing the Web: Why not all web browsers are the same; choosing a web browser to suit you; synchronising your bookmarks; “private browsing”; using “containers” for different sites; customising your web browser with different “add-ons” to make it suitable for your needs.

2.2. Searching the Web: Different search engines and how to make them work for you.

2.3. Web 1.0: Easily building your own website, for free, with WordPress, adding videos, plus photo editing (including devices, apps, and filters)

2.4. Web 2.0: Social media such as Facebook/Meta and Twitter/X, and the rising “Fediverse” alternatives.

2.5. Messaging: Different ways to exchange messages securely and privately.

2.6. QR codes: What quick response (QR) codes are and how they can be useful — how to make them, save them, and share them.

2.7. Privacy, Security, Anonymity: What they are, why they’re different, and why they’re subjective; how to easily use the web to improve these to varying degrees to suit your needs.

2.8. Quiz: Using the web to find answers to questions in a non-competitive way!

What participants have said:

  • “The content is relevant to everyday issues that crop up.”
  • “I.T. is changing all the time so there will always be new things to learn and problems to overcome.”
  • “Gained confidence, skills and knowledge each week, by sharing with the rest of the group.”
  • “Knowledge is power; I am never going to be a huge user of technology, but now I have informed choices, which is all the power I need. Now I have to keep up to date with all the changing advances.”
  • “Re-kindled my enthusiasm for technology.”
  • “It’s good to interact and share problems and knowledge with others.”
  • “Fun at the same time as being very informative! Brilliant!”

Stage 2 is currently taken over by Techsavers.

Tea & Tech 3.0

Tea & Tech Stage 3

3.1. Problems and Solutions: The problem with “surveillance capitalism” and what we’ll cover in future workshops.

3.2. Hardware: Computer parts; the “Right to Repair”; sustainable laptops and smartphones; other alternatives.

3.3. Software: Free and Open Source Software (FOSS): what it is, why it’s useful, and some surprising examples.

3.4. Introduction to Linux: The alternative to Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac, and how to choose a version to suit your needs.

3.5. Using Linux: Test-driving a Linux operating system in real-time: how does it compare to Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac?

3.6. Raspberry Pi: The £30 credit card-sized computer — how it began, what you can do with it.

3.7. Communications: Email providers; messengers; the “Fediverse” in-depth.

3.8. Quiz: How well did we inform you? Find out with our fun non-competitive quiz where you can search the web to get answers to questions!

What participants have said:

  • “Simply amazing!”
  • “I will not worry about not (having) Microsoft on a laptop ever again!”
  • “There are so many items that I have learnt, from using free software to VPNs.”
  • “Savvy ways to use computers and more.”
  • “Unique! More of this please.”

Stage 3 is currently taken over by Techsavers.

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