Taking on Tech is our ongoing online support group for all levels taking place on Zoom, where participants can stay up-to-date on the latest changes in technology.

In addition to set topics, these interactive video meet-ups include “action learning,” where both facilitators and the group as a whole help solve any tech-related challenges participants may be facing that week!

Workshop 1: Overview. Getting to grips with video conferencing, mastering the settings, understanding different devices, and maintaining your own.

Workshop 2: Efficiency. Keyboard shortcuts, saving, storing, and sharing files, organising folders, and understanding “the cloud.”

Workshop 3: The Web. Web browsers, bookmarks, private browsing, and “containers.”

Workshop 4: The Web (continued). Searching the web to get the results you want, and why Google isn’t really a search engine!

Workshop 5: Scams. Looking at the different forms scams take, how to spot them, and how to stop them!

Workshop 6: Privacy & Security. Why they’re different, and how to improve them while you’re using technology and the internet.

Workshop 7: Web 1.0. An overview of the “digital commons,” who owns what, and what’s out there that’s useful. In addition, how to create your very own space on the web for your own needs, from making a free website to editing photos.

Workshop 8: Web 2.0. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, as well as messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal, to name a few.

Workshop 9: Mobile OS. The evolution of the phone into the smartphone, the modern-day mobile “duopoly,” and alternatives.

Workshop 10: Linux. What is free and open source software? Why is Linux a good alternative to Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac? How easy is it to install and use on your computer?

Workshop 11: Raspberry Pi. The £30 credit card-sized computer that isn’t just for kids! We look at its history, and its weird and wonderful uses. Plug it into your TV and enjoy your new little home computer! We’ll show you how.

Workshop 12: Quiz Time. Quizzes where you can use your web searching skills to find the answers to the questions!

What participants have said: “Helpful and informative for people on all levels of technical abilities.” “Found the easy-going learning experience helpful.” “We get to listen to other people’s experiences, share ideas and feel more tech confident.” “The content is relevant to everyday issues that crop up.” “I.T. is changing all the time so there will always be new things to learn and problems to overcome.” “Gained confidence, skills and knowledge each week, by sharing with the rest of the group.” “Knowledge is power; I am never going to be a huge user of technology, but now I have informed choices, which is all the power I need. Now I have to keep up to date with all the changing advances.” “Re-kindled my enthusiasm for technology.” “It’s good to interact and share problems and knowledge with others.” “Fun at the same time as being very informative! Brilliant!”

Email us at info@libredigital.org to sign up!

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